Premier’s Circular 2015/5


The Western Australian (WA) Whole of Government Open Data Policy (the Policy) was established to provide agencies with a clear position on open data and guidance on how that data should be managed.  The Policy clearly defines responsibilities of the lead agency as well as all public sector agencies regarding the identification, release and maintenance of government data.


Government is one of the largest collectors of data, which is a result of doings its everyday business. This data is a valuable resource and should be made available to the public, where appropriate, at no or minimal cost.  It can then be transformed into new formats to develop innovative new products and services that meet citizen’s needs.

Open data creates commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs and the business community and can lead to better policy decisions and business practices in government, as well as improved public sector accountability and transparency.

The WA Land Information System (WALIS) Office in Landgate was established as the lead agency for spatial datasets of strategic importance to WA.  It works in partnership with other government agencies to share, manage, improve and promote spatial data.  The Policy extends this responsibility to all government data.

The Policy and its tools will ensure there is consistency across the sector by guiding:

  • what data should or should not be published;
  • what relevant legislative requirements need to be considered;
  • licensing arrangements and options;
  • under what conditions agencies can charge for their datasets; and
  • how agencies should publish their data to ensure maximum accessibility and usability.

Further information and key documents can be accessed via the WA Government data portal at

Colin Barnett MLA



For enquiries contact:

Policy related:

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
(08) 6551 3901

Implementation related:

(08) 9273 7046
WALIS Office, WA Land Information Authority (T/A Landgate)

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