Digital Services Policy

The Digital Services Policy is a key policy underpinning Digital WA, the State ICT Strategy.  The policy sets a position for the provision and management of the Western Australian Government’s digital service offerings for the community.

The Digital Services Policy applies to all WA public sector online channels, including public facing websites and portals.

You can read the Digital Services Policy below:

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Digital Services Policy Framework

The Digital Services Policy Framework (DSPF) provides guidance for agencies in the delivery of digital services, including websites.

The DSPF is intended to supersede the Website Governance Framework (WGF).  It will be a growing collection of guidance materials and encompasses many of the elements of the WGF however it broadens its focus to include all digital service offerings to ensure we govern all our online services and applications appropriately.

Guidance materials will be added to the DSPF as we progress with the whole-of-government digital services portal, now referred to as ServiceWA (Digital).

Website Project Governance Process

DG ICT Council approval is required for any agency website project with a total budget greater than $100,000 that seeks to exempt itself from aligning with the ServiceWA (Digital) whole-of-government strategic direction.  This exemption is required before the commencement of any agency website projects, including upgrade to enhancement projects that do not align with the whole-of-government common digital services platform approach.

Website Project Governance Process Adobe_acrobat_iconPDF |icon_wordDOC

Website Project Exemption Proposal Guidance  Adobe_acrobat_iconPDF |icon_wordDOC

Agency Website Project Exemption Proposal template icon_wordDOC

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