Digital Services Policy

The Digital Services Policy is a key policy underpinning Digital WA, the State ICT Strategy.  The policy sets a position for the provision and management of the Western Australian Government’s digital service offerings for the community.

The Digital Services Policy applies to all WA public sector online channels, including public facing websites and portals.

You can read the Digital Services Policy below:

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Digital Services Policy Framework

The Digital Services Policy Framework (DSPF) provides guidance for agencies in the delivery of digital services, including websites. Guidance materials will be added to the DSPF as we progress with the whole-of-government digital services portal, now referred to as ServiceWA (Digital).


DSPF Elements:


  • Digital Services Design Principles PDF | DOC

Standards and Guidelines:


WA Government Domain Name

The Domain Name Standards operates in conjunction with the broader Australian Government Domain Name Policy.

You are required to apply to the Office of the GCIO for all new domain names.  Domain names that do not comply with the domain name standards will not be approved.

  • Domain Name Standards PDF | DOC
  • Domain Name Process and Application Form DOC

Website Accessibility Standards 

All digital content must adopt the WCAG 2.0 standard to meet minimum Level A, or the preferred Level AA.

  • Website Accessibility Standards PDF | DOC

Website Project Governance Process

Agencies are required to ALIGN with the whole-of-government ServiceWA (Digital) strategic initiative.

Agencies seeking EXEMPTION from aligning with this whole-of-government strategic direction and common digital services platform approach will require DG ICT Council approval.  This exemption applies to any agency website project with a total budget greater than $100,000. Detailed information on the process and assessment criteria is available in the following documents:

Website Project Governance Process PDF | DOC

Website Project Exemption Proposal Guidance  PDF | DOC

Agency Website Project Exemption Proposal template DOC

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