GovNext-ICT Program Update

DigitalWA and GovNext-ICT

With the release of DigitalWA, the Western Australian Government ICT Strategy, it is now possible to demonstrate how the GovNext-ICT program fits into the DigitalWA roadmap.

DigitalWA identifies three Strategic Goals:

  • Simplify;
  • Connect; and
  • Inform.

GovNext-ICT will enable agencies to achieve these goals by:

  • Simplifying the public sector ICT environment. This will result in less complex projects that are more likely to succeed, lower costs and reduced duplication and waste; and
  • Connecting agencies through a common network and access to improved communications. This will improve agency collaboration and data sharing, and enable the seamless delivery of digital services to the community.

GovNext-ICT progresses these two goals through data centre co-location, cloud migration and the creation of a unified Government network capability. As the benefits of these goals are realised, they support agencies in achieving the Inform strategic goal. GovNext-ICT aims to provide the foundations upon which further projects in the DigitalWA roadmap can be built.

Interactive Refinement Workshops

GovNext-ICT seeks to deliver innovative solutions that are not only new to Western Australian agencies, but also to the local market. Recognising the need for a common understanding, the GovNext-ICT Program Team hosted a series of interactive workshops with each shortlisted vendor.

At these workshops, the program team shared their vision of GovNext-ICT and their proposed technical requirements. Vendors were also encouraged to propose refined solutions based on their understanding of current best practice, and ask any clarifying questions.

The results of these workshops made a strong and important contribution to the final GovNext-ICT requirements documented within the RFDP. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, and the Office of the GCIO strongly recommends the inclusion of a similar process to complex ICT procurements.


Since its initiation in August 2015, the GovNext-ICT Program has achieved the following milestones:

  • November 2015 EOI released to market
  • February 2016 EOI evaluation and shortlisting
  • March 2016 Interactive Workshops with shortlisted vendors
  • May 2016 Request for Detailed Proposal released to shortlisted vendors

Next Steps

The following dates are indicative only:

  • June 2016 Evaluation of proposals
  • July 2016 Negotiations
  • September 2016 Contracts Award
  • September 2016 Pilot Phase commencement

Further Information
For further information, contact:
Andrew Cann
A/Chief Technology Officer, Office of the GCIO.
(08) 6551 3921

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