Western Australian Innovation Summit

28 July, Pan Pacific Hotel

The State Government is hosting a major Innovation Summit, bringing together some of the State’s brightest minds to discuss, challenge, debate and collectively position Western Australia to prosper in this era of rapid global change.

“The State Government is committed to delivering an innovation package that drives Western Australia’s innovation future. It’s about capturing value in new ideas, from which all Western Australians can benefit,” said Minister Marmion.

“This Summit will provide the opportunity for government, industry and academia to work in partnership to create greater innovation opportunities for the State and set a path to make this happen.”

The Summit will focus on:

  • The potential impact transformational technologies may have on the WA economy, and mapping a path to maximise opportunities
  • How collaboration between government, business, universities and the research sector can best realise commercial outcomes for the State
  • How the commercialisation process can be better supported by government and industry
  • How best to showcase Western Australia’s innovative talent to enhance investment in local ideas
  • Initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining talent in WA, to see the future benefits of commercialisation stay in the State
  • How the State Government can best leverage Commonwealth innovation investment initiatives to ensure Western Australia receives its fair share of national funding

Summit outcomes will inform the formulation of the State’s 5 year Innovation Strategy.

Stay tuned – there’s more information to come. 

For further information and to register your interest, please visit the Western Australia Innovation Summit page.


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