GovNext-ICT: Modern Technology on Demand

On 20 January 2017, the WA Government formalised the appointment of Atos, Datacom and NEC Australia to supply ICT infrastructure as a service to WA Government agencies.

Agencies will be able to purchase ICT infrastructure services on demand from these suppliers reducing procurement costs and delays. The suppliers will each lead a consortia of local and, in some cases, national providers to provide the services to the public sector.

Services available now include cloud compute and storage, data centre co-location, network connectivity, internet gateway, VoIP, and telephony. Additional services, including collaboration and conferencing, will be available by July 2017.

The GCIO has established the GovNext Service Broker (GSB) to help agencies transition to the new arrangements. The GSB will manage the contract with the vendors, which will include pricing, performance and the delivery of new technologies for the benefit of the sector.

The new buying regime is a key milestone under the GovNext-ICT program. This program is expected to modernise technology across the WA public sector and establish a foundation on which the initiatives in the Government’s Digital WA ICT Strategy will be based.

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