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Interim Privacy Position

Until such time as more substantial guidance and/or legislative measures are available, the interim privacy position for the Western Australian public sector is that agencies should ensure their actions are consistent with applicable Australian Privacy Principles, set out in Schedule

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ICT Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity Policy

The Western Australian Government ICT Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity Policy (Policy) provides agencies with direction on the establishment of information and communication technology (ICT) business continuity management to ensure continuity of business services across government are delivered.

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Digital Security Policy

The purpose of the Western Australian (WA) whole-of–government Digital Security Policy (Policy) is to provide direction for the adoption and maintenance of security protection controls in digital information and digital information systems.

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Digital Services Policy

The purpose of the whole-of-government Western Australian Government Digital Services Policy (Policy) is to provide a position for the provision and management of Western Australian (WA) Government’s digital service offerings for the community.

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Interoperability Policy

The purpose of the WA Interoperability Policy is to ensure that systems across the public sector can seamlessly interact, exchange data and, if necessary, share functions and resources through the identification and adoption of appropriate frameworks and standards.

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Cloud Policy

The purpose of the Western Australian Government Cloud Policy (the Policy) is to establish a cloud mindset for the consumption of infrastructure, software and platforms and encourage the widespread adoption of cloud services across the Western Australian Government.

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Open Data Policy

The purpose of the Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy (the Policy) is to improve management and use of the public sector’s data assets in order to deliver value and benefits for all Western Australians.

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