Digital WA: State ICT Strategy

Digital WA provides a whole of government vision and roadmap for ICT in Western Australia. By working together as part of one government, public sector agencies will work towards aligning their technology and business functions to improve service delivery to the community.

The Western Australian Government ICT Strategy will help transform the way public services are designed, supported and delivered for a community living and working in a digital world.

You can access a copy of Digital WA: Western Australian Government ICT Strategy 2016 – 2020 here.

Strategy Overview:

Strategic Goals

  • SIMPLIFY technology platforms, systems and standards as part of a unified government
  • CONNECT agencies and the community through digital services and system integration
  • INFORM decision-makers, frontline staff and the public with quality data and analysis

Key Principles

  • INNOVATE by looking for better ways to use technology to deliver public services
  • COLLABORATE by actively working together to deliver consistent, integrated public services
  • TRANSFORM by ongoing adoption of improved systems or practices that demonstrate value

Significant Themes

  • Strong, disciplined, strategic and appropriate GOVERNANCE
  • Technology transition to CLOUD services with consumption-based pricing
  • Increase in the number and quality of Government DIGITAL SERVICES

Targeted Outcomes

  • STABILITY of ICT project and service delivery
  • EFFICIENCY in the cost of delivering ICT services
  • TRANSPARENCY in ICT governance and service delivery
  • CAPABILITY of the public sector to respond to changing community needs

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Stuart Gibbon
Executive Director, ICT Strategy & Delivery, Office of the GCIO
(08) 6551 3914

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