GovNext-ICT: Transforming Government ICT Infrastructure

GovNext-ICT services is modernising information communication technology (ICT) in the public sector by supporting government agencies to transform from individual ownership of ICT infrastructure to procuring infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Adoption of GovNext-ICT services will drive long-term savings across the public sector by reducing ICT infrastructure duplication as well as harnessing whole-of-government buying power.

GovNext-ICT underpins the Digital WA Strategy by simplifying and connecting government which will improve service delivery.

GovNextimageWEBGovNext-ICT Goals

GovNext-ICT aims to:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs of ICT infrastructure by consolidating 60 government  compute and data storage centres into three cloud-based data centres, and reducing over 50 physical networks into a single, secure, interconnected network.
  • Shift from a capital-intensive, owner operator model to consumers of modern, on-demand ICT infrastructure services.
  • Reduce risk of aging infrastructure and improve government’s digital capabilities.
  • Streamline and simplify the procurement process of ICT infrastructure, using a whole-of-government common use agreement with pre-qualified contractor services.

The aim is for public sector agencies to transition their ICT infrastructure into the GovNext-ICT model over the next two years.

GovNext-ICT agency adoption case studies are available here.

GovNext-ICT Benefits

  • Increased agility for agencies to respond to business needs.
  • More reliable service delivery.
  • Increased cyber security.
  • Reduced risk and better disaster recovery.
  • Improved transparency of ICT assets and consumption.
  • Interconnected government with a greater ability to collaborate.
  • Increased savings and cost optimisation.

Further Information

For more information, please view our frequently asked questions or view the GovNext-ICT Information Paper.

Agency Support

The GovNext-ICT Services Broker (GSB) is facilitating and supporting agencies throughout this transition.

For further information for agencies, please contact;

Colin MacDonald

Director, GovNext-ICT Agency Management


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