GovNext-ICT: Transforming Government ICT Infrastructure

GovNext-ICT is transitioning WA Government from being an owner and operator of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure towards being a consumer of commercial compute, storage and network services.

The GovNext-ICT Program will provide the foundation for WA Government to be more flexible and innovative in the delivery of services, and align with the whole of government ICT strategy.

GovNextimageWEBGovNext-ICT Goals

GovNext-ICT aims to:

  • Consolidate the 60 plus government data centres into a small number of interconnected, efficient, high grade data centres with a multi-tenanted community cloud for WA government;
  • Enable the migration of the majority of government compute and storage to public or private cloud;
  • Establish a whole-of-government unified network, with secure standardised connections to public cloud providers; and
  • Enable extensive user self-provisioning capability.

It is envisioned that most public sector agencies will transition their ICT infrastructure into the GovNext-ICT model over the next three years.

Facilitation and Support

The Office of the GCIO will facilitate and support agencies throughout this transition by:

  • Providing guides and toolkits;
  • Leveraging governance arrangements across government; and
  • Forming a GovNext-ICT Service Broker Function.

Further Information

For more information, please view our frequently asked questions or view the GovNext-ICT Information Paper. Alternatively, please contact:

Andrew Cann
Chief Technology Officer, Office of the GCIO
(08) 6551 3921

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