ICT Policies: Framework for Collaboration

Clear ICT policies, accompanied by practical guidelines and standards, provide a foundation for collaboration between public sector agencies. By identifying key business and technical issues, and specifying minimum compliance standards, the ICT policy framework enables agencies to work together confidently.

The ICT policies are not overly prescriptive and have been developed to be succinct, easy to understand and clearly articulate the direction, expectations and requirements of agencies.  Each ICT policy will be supported by a number of documents including standards, frameworks and guidelines.  These policy guidance materials are a growing collection of information to help agencies implement the ICT policies; and will be published on the GCIO website ­as they become available. Policies and associated guidance materials will be regularly reviewed for relevance and currency.

PoliciesKey Policy Areas

A list of all approved ICT Policies can be found under the Publications > Policies and Guidelines menu, or by clicking here. All Western Australian State government agencies are expected to apply the policies as mandated by the Premier’s Circular 2016/03 issued on 1st July 2016.

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Marion Burchell
Executive Director, ICT Policy & Governance, Office of the GCIO
(08) 6551 3907

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