myWA: Government Digital Services Portal

The myWA Program is a major initiative within the Digital WA ICT Strategy, designed to make it more convenient for the community and businesses to find and access government services online anywhere, and at any time.

The long term vision of the Government Digital Services Portal, also known as the myWA Portal, is a “one stop shop” where any digital service provided by any government agency will be available.  The intent is to ensure that people using government services online can do so quickly, easily and seamlessly.

myWA Goals

The myWA Program will over time:

  • Deliver a single government digital services portal
  • Allow people and businesses to login and access their own information and services quickly and easily
  • Develop the policies and frameworks needed to support a seamless and secure user experience
  • Develop the tools and guidelines needed to assist government agencies to develop and connect digital services to the portal

myWA Approach

The plan is to deliver the myWA Program in stages:

  • Stage 1 (2017) will deliver initial Alpha (prototype) designed to engage public and industry feedback and input into the design, and to test the technologies and processes that might be used in the final version of the portal. In addition, Stage 1 will deliver the architectural designs, policies and standards that will be used to identify and choose those final technologies.
  • Stage 2 (2017-18) will, subject to feedback on Stage 1, deliver a Beta portal, and focus on delivering immediate benefits to the community, such as enabling individuals to use a single credential to access multiple WA government services. The program will also aim to standardise platforms for agencies, and determine potential benefits of consolidating single gateways for common services (e.g. identity verification).
  • Stage 3 (2018+) and beyond will, subject to the success of Stage 2, roll in additional services, and continue to assist government agencies with maturing their digital services capabilities, in order to increase the functionality and performance of the myWA Portal.

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Simon Korzec
Director, Strategic Digital Services, Office of the GCIO
(08) 6551 3924

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