Online Services


The Internet is a primary channel for people to access the information and services they need, as well as to undertake personal and business-related activities.  The Western Australian (WA) Government has a wealth of information and provides many of its services online.

ServiceWA (Alpha): Search for government services and information, with the option to give feedback on what you think about the site, and what you want in terms of usability and access

ServiceWA Alpha Services List: List of government services and information

DoTDirect: DoTDirect is a service access point allowing people to do a range of online transport-related activities such as pay accounts, book a driving test, check for demerit points and more.

WA Seniors Card: The Seniors Card online portal enables members to access member benefits, State Government concessions news, discounts, as well as the ability to apply for membership online.


The WA Government also collects and uses a vast array of data in the course of its everyday operations.  Many agencies already make their data available to the public, including on their websites or in reports and publications.

The WA Government’s data portal will make these data easier to find and use, as well as open access to other datasets that will unlock opportunities for the public sector, businesses and communities to utilise data in more and diverse ways.

Social media

Social Media: Keep up with the latest Government news!  A number of agencies post key messages on social media, including facebook and twitter.

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