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Western Australian Innovation Summit

28 July, Pan Pacific Hotel The State Government is hosting a major Innovation Summit, bringing together some of the State’s brightest minds to discuss, challenge, debate and collectively position Western Australia to prosper in this era of rapid global change.

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Giles Nunis appointed as WA’s first GCIO

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the appointment of Giles Nunis as WA’s first GCIO.

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GovHack 2015 Awards

Congratulations to all the WA teams at the national and international GovHack 2015 awards!

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Premier’s Circular 2015/5

Policy The Western Australian (WA) Whole of Government Open Data Policy (the Policy) was established to provide agencies with a clear position on open data and guidance on how that data should be managed.  The Policy clearly defines responsibilities of

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Perth Hackers Unite

GovHack Perth 2015 was held on 3rd – 5th July in the city’s Spacecubed centre…

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Media Statement: Open Data Policy delivers new WA opportunities

● Agencies to move towards data openness
● Open by default policy to encourage innovators and entrepreneurs
● Government datasets to support development of new products and services

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Giles Nunis to act as GCIO

Giles Nunis has been appointed to the role of Government Chief Information Officer.

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Media Statement: State Government to Save Costs on ICT

● Appointment of WA’s first Government Chief Information Officer.
● $25 million ICT Renewal and Reform Fund.

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